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Judy Sky's Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

 … Judy Sky is Senior Pastor of His Present Glory Church in Newport Minnesota.

Bottomed out from a lifestyle of crime, addiction, and abuse, Judy found herself helpless and locked up in the PSYCH WARD, one more time. This time her children were taken away, and with an institutional commitment before her, there was only One Way Out… she had not yet tried. With the last bit of struggle rung out of her, she finally accepted Jesus Christ as her personal Savior and Lord, and Highest Power, and became born again in 1976.

The Way Out became a clear and patient process, and immediately Judy was drawn to with others coming out of the same kinds of devastation; abuse, insanity, addiction, depression, drunkenness, immorality and poverty, to name a few.

Soon she became a part of the answer and no longer a part of the problem.

Since 1981 Judy has continued to recover all the pit had robbed from her. She became a student of The Word and it was obvious, early, that Judy was developing leadership skills and gifting.


She is an ordained minister and has written, directed, and been on staff of various treatment and recovery programs over the years in the Metro-Twin City Area. She began in ministry with a store-front street ministry called The Master’s Hand, which erupted out of her downtown St. Paul art studio. Sometimes there were people on the stairs and the sidewalks that could not fit into the place. She co-pastored in a couple different downtown locations before beginning work with Union Gospel Mission in St. Paul. For ten years she lived at Gospel Hill Camp. She has had vast experience, working both with the down and out and then on the opposite end of the spectrum, ministering to wealthy business men. She spent a few years interspersed with ministry travel across The United States before answering the call in Newport, Minnesota, to pastor at His Present Glory Church.

A writer, anointed minister, teacher and counselor, Pastor Judy has had the opportunity to be a welcome part of the transformation of many lives. She has become an integral part of the launching work that counseling, deliverance and healing can bring to those with a crippling past. Her call has been defined as one who raises up leaders.

Mother and grandmother in the natural realm, Judy Sky has the heart of a Mother and the spirit of The Father, for the children and sons of God, especially those who have been blocked and hindered by what seems to be impossible circumstances, experiences and conditions.

Pastor Judy functions in the prophetic realm, and in revelatory gifting and teaching, with the fruit and the ability to impart with directness, the knowledge of The Truth that has brought her through her overcoming journey. Her work is full of simple understanding and yet rich with wisdom that enables development from nurture to maturity, with those that need milk and those that need meat.

With simple teaching tools, easily understood concepts and clear graphics, Pastor Judy explains, teaches and establishes, with understanding, the secure Identity in Christ.

As the alphabet is important to all literature, these revelations are valuable in understanding the nature and the kingdom of God. She has developed a teaching on video called ‘The DNA OF GOD' that will be available by order, soon. The Circles Teachings offer simple circle graphic patterns that lay a foundation that can be followed throughout scripture. The Circles Teachings impart understanding and are easily integrated into ones current spiritual foundation.

Teaching the basics of finding security in Identity include topics like: The DNA OF GOD, Identity, The Pattern Son, The Firstborn of Many Brethern, God as The Perfect Family Unit, Preparations for The Third Day, Patterns Within Patterns, Roles and Functions of Spirit, Soul and Body, The Family Unit, Real Love , The Power of The Present Second, Familiar Spirits.

She operates strongly in the gift of discernment and discerning of spirits and teaches in practical terms on Familiar Spirits as The False Self.


Read one of Judy's Earliest writings


More Power than you can imagine is available now, and you can find it in every PRESENT SECOND while it is here and passing. Look for upcoming articles about THE POWER OF THE PRESENT SECOND to be posted, and learn how to begin to move through time in the way of the overcomer, redeeming it, seizing The Day and learning to begin to enjoy your life as it is here and passing.


His yoke is easy and His burden that is Light.