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Unconditional Love PDF Print E-mail

This is a three part series dealing with the concept of the love of God which is without conditions.

Part 1

Part 1

What does the "world at large" think when they hear the word love? Depending on background and age group, romance, dating, sexy playfulness, valentine hearts, cupid, attraction, desire and lust probably come to mind.

Even in the church, I think we sometimes want to associate love with a soft and lovely mushiness. Yes, love is gentle and kind, but also powerfully persevering unto any lengths for the good of the object of that love. It is strong and powerful, covers sin, cleanses, forgives. It transforms, casts out fear and never fails. Love is easy and available to do and be that which feels sweet and easy

God's love contains power, the power of unconditional love. It is the kind of love that covers a multitude of sin (1 Peter 4:8). The law arrests, exposes and judges, but love covers and absorbs that which is brought to the truth and the light. It is the life of God that swallows up death. God is love, and Jesus said "I am the truth" and in Ephesians 4:15 we are told to "speak the truth in love."

As born-again Christians, what God says about us is our only reality. When we speak the truth in love, we are able to express and manifest our God. We are not condemning and punishing because not only do we bring light and truth to expose sin, but also love to cover, healing to correct and life to restore. "Real" love must deal with some horrible, ugly, but temporary realities, but is not afraid, and does not run away.  Real love does whatever necessary and as the Spirit leads, wins out over darkness and never fails.

Love stands with the truth in the face of evil - fear, rejection or even death will not allow love to back down, run away or hide. Love believes all things, dares to hope and is right, righteous for doing so.

The communication, the expression and the practical application of that love sometimes gets so watered down and diluted that it loses power. I believe we need to take time today to magnify the love of God to restore it to its full strength and full power - for our sakes and for His glory and honor.

The power of the unconditional love of God is able to deliver us from rejection, fear and condemnation, giving us the revelation that " the goodness of God that leads to repentance" (Romans 2:3-5). His unconditional love makes us one with Him. He removes the walls of separation and reconciles us to himself and includes us in all He is and all He has.

Do you realize that Jesus Chris died on the cross to pay for the sins of the world? He had complete victory, however, the only ones able to benefit from this free gift of life and salvation are those who will accept and receive it. He was impartial, "for God is in Christ reconciling the world unto himself, not imputing their trespasses against them" (2 Corinthians 5:18-20).

He drew a circle that took us in, He opened His arms wide, and he died...the love of God belongs to even the unlovely and the undeserving. He loves the sinner and hates the sin...there is a difference!

The unconditional love of God is humbling and awesome. His love is all inclusive and available to "whosoever will"... Those originally invited to partake of this feast of life would not come, go out on the highways and byways and bid them, compel them to come in, and let whosoever will come in and eat and drink their fill without cost (Isaiah 55). He paid the dear price, that I might have life. While I was yet a sinner, He loved me unconditionally and gave His life for me, that I may have HIS LIFE.

Part 2

Part 2

There is an old song that tells us about it, the words go something like this: "He paid a debt he did not owe, we owed a debt we could not Jesus died to wipe our sins away".  Another song, "Amazing Grace" says "Christ Jesus paid the debt I could never pay."

Are you one who needs to receive that powerful, unconditional love of God? He promises us that nothing can separate us from His love. There is a way provided for us to deal with our sins that does not include condemnation. We need to bring our sin and run with it to Him. It belongs to Him; He paid for it so we would not have to face condemnation. If you have been held captive by condemnation, I want you to know that it is not from God. The Holy Spirit will convict, but only to bring you to repentance and reconciliation with God, righteousness, goodness and life. "There is no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus" (Romans 8:1).If you don't repent because you don't believe you have the power to turn away from your sin, you're probably right - apart from God, we may not have the power because we have become a slave to that which we yield our members over to. That is exactly how his plan is designed to work.  We realize that apart from God, we are indeed powerless. If you believe that you are unable to get free from sin and are under condemnation or conviction, this may be the hour that you will turn your life over to the Lord Jesus Christ, the Savior, Deliverer and Redeemer you need to set you free from the death realm of sin - whether it be addiction, perversion, depression, stealing, lying or cheating. Jesus is the one you need to come to and yield to today. His love for you is absolutely unconditional. His arms are outstretched to you - he is calling to you and pulling you by your heartstrings... here is the answer to your prayers and the solution to your devastation. Throw aside anything that would hold you back to once and for all draw the line on your past, stepping into a new day and season in your life.

And if you are one who knows the Lord and needs to be refreshed in His unconditional love for you, it is your hour and day to cast off from the clouds that have blocked you from the lovely light, from the  wonderful power of God's unconditional love. His great love for you is not contingent on you being perfect, doing everything right or doing everything, period. In fact, it is not dependent on you "doing", but rather dependent on who God is and what He is doing. Unconditional love, not depending on performance and all inclusive. He loves you just the way you are, in the very condition you are in, with all of your weaknesses, failures and shortcomings.  Your weaknesses are like a big  pot that a nice batch of His strengths can be cooked up in. "His strengths are made perfect in your weaknesses."


The good news is, as Christians, we are not apart from God, except in our own minds -when we forget who He is and who He says we are in Him. He has made us a promise that He will never leave or forsake us. He hasn't and He won't because of His unconditional love. If it were based on conditions, He might have a reason to leave, but it's not. His love is unconditional. We don't earn or deserve it, it is unmerited favor, as is his grace. We are blessed to have the opportunity to have constant access as we do, to His word, His spirit and His power. Come into a fresh consciousness and presence of the spirit of God today and open your heart wider than it has ever been. Make room, prepare a place for Him in the greater sense. Become willing to receive all that He has for you. Get rid of  all  reservations in giving Him yours. You haven't yet received all of the forgiveness that He bought for you at Calvary.

Part 3

Part 3

Search your heart out now and see if there are not some things that you've done that you are still holding onto. He died on the cross and shed His blood to remove the guilt and the shame. Won't you accept His full pardon and complete payment today for those things? You know, you are not doing anyone but "the pit" a favor by carrying them yourself. Satan wants you to be bowed, weighted down and paralyzed with guilt, shame and condemnation. He knows that it has already been paid for, but he wants to trick you into paying for it again and again. That is what your guilt and shame are all about. The Lord wants you to be a clean, free, transparent vessel that He can be seen in. He wants to be available wherever you are, in you and through you.

I want you to lift your hands up to the Lord right now and begin to thank Him for the great love that he has for you. I want you to let the Holy Spirit begin to move within your heart right now to shine on those areas that have been a magnet for guilt, shame and condemnation in your life. We claim the blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ, right now, to wash over and cleanse completely all of the areas that the pit has tried to use to keep us from being all that we can be and receiving all God has for us in peace and joy, forgiveness and anointing.

We pray - "Father God, I open myself up to you right now, that you might have your full way with me. I choose to receive all that you have for me. I ask that you begin to reveal to me this great power, the power of unconditional love, and that I would not only receive it for myself and learn to walk in it daily, but that you would begin to renew me and flood me with your unconditional love for all mankind, my spouse, my family and my neighbor. Let me begin to see humanity through Your eyes and through the cross of Jesus Christ, that this power of love, healing and restoration may flow through me unto the world, allowing all to experience your goodness that leads to repentance. I accept all that you are and all that you have for me today. I thank you and praise you Lord, for meeting my needs today." Amen.

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Unconditional Love
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