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With Pastor Judy Sky

I am a Big, Old House PDF Print E-mail

big old house_framed(This little story was written in the first year that I was saved, back in the seventies!)

I AM A BIG, OLD HOUSE. I've been bought and sold often. I was owned by a string of slumlords. . .left uncared for and finally condemned. I sat dirty and decrepit, empty but for trash and filth, dust and dirt. For ages I could only fall apart. I was an eyesore without value. I was a burden and a shame. Surely I would be torn down, destroyed and burned in scorn.
I was open to haunting spirits who clanked their cold chains within my sore and dying heart and plotted my destruction in their secret ceremonies that chilled my empty rooms. . .

BUT THE KING, who first long ago ordered my construction, knew of my nearing end -- and sent his son to buy me back. THIS WAS GOOD NEWS!
But I was filled with shame of my condition and wished that I could hide my ugliness and my decay from His Majesty, my Lord.

Without power to change myself, I could only hope in His reputation for mercy. Shuddering in fear upon His arrival to take my inventory, I cowardly closed my eyes and trembled, for my structure was filled with possessive evil ghosts who may discourage the Prince.

But, no -- upon His command, they whined and howled and took their leave and they obeyed His eviction but lurked around my windows to hope to sneak back in. He spoke clearly and every crack and corner heard, "BE CLEAN".
Oh, I had begun to think I would never be clean again, but I knew, upon hearing His words, that I had indeed become clean. His work in me had begun when He entered my door.

He spoke to me. He said, " I am fond of you, old house.
You will serve me, well. I will restore you.
After your purification I will build you up and make you My Temple

The party's over for those who have inhabited you before today. I have cast them out and give you the authority to cast out any that should return. You are My own and none other than Me will live here. You are My Temple, little house, yes, you are My Temple."

The Royal Trashman has made several trips.
The remodeling has begun and not a cobweb nor a corner of any closet has been over- looked. My Master is thorough. Shadows of old habits cling to the floor, foolishly knowing the matter that caused them is gone -- they must go too! Storerooms that once were packed full with guilt and fear have been sanitized and restored with abundant hope, trust, and a growing measure of faith.

My basement -- my very foundation has been dug deeper, reinforced with pillars of love and truth and the cement of reality poured in. New beams of communication run throughout my floor boards and I have been re-wired with the light of His Word. My kitchen has all new plumbing and living waters flow freely. My cupboards are filled with The Bread of Life, The Fruit of The Spirit, and I am satisfied with sweet milk and honey. He has purified the air with the disinfectant of mercy and forgiveness and washed me completely in the refreshing baptism of my spirit, furnishing me with cushioned, gentle sanity and carpets of temperance. The melody of under standing fills my grateful spaces.

Oh, Wonderful Lord. the process is not over, but you tell me it will continue -- your work in me will go on -- and even has begun in the houses on my left and on my right and down the block and across the alley!

What wonderful thing has happened, Lord? 'New' lives for all through You. 'Joy' shouts in my neighborhood and 'Renewal' dances through our streets that have known such death and depression. A shining, respectable community arises. Windows sparkle and 'spite' fences come down and the Spirit of peace and contentment dwell within -- and the tumbledown shanties have been reconstructed into beautiful temples for the King. Our ghettos are being transformed into fields producing much wheat and, my Lord, we have value, we have worth, because we are Yours -- because You bought us. We are beautiful and through Your grace and Your love I'm beginning to see, My Lord,
what a King would want -- with me !

Pastor Judy Sky